THE SHORTCUT to say goodbye to your fats (Bye Bye Fat, You will not be missed)

A few weeks ago I received the Jonlivia Unisex Hot Belt from Jonlivia. I did not try it out immediately as I was so very busy, one afternoon while I was on my laptop I decided to put on the hot belt while I worked on my proposal. I was very impressed how it fitted nicely, holding on to my waist. I know, you must probably be thinking that what fat do I have to lose. Well, the fact here is that I do have belly fats, I am just oh-so-very good in covering them up. Lol.


I did not expect much from the Hot Belt at all, but as I was continued working on my proposals, I started to feel the heat around my waist. *its self heating magnets  It’s a warm tingling sensation that is quite comfortable I would say *sitting in an air condition room. I removed the hot belt an hour later and I noticed that I sweat a lot *told you I have fats I was impressed. Later on that week, I got a bit adventurous I wore the belt while I was working out in the gym *I like to take the shortcut hoping to lose fats faster It burned a lot more than before *Bye Bye fats, you will not be missed Be mindful not to wear it for too long or you might burn yourself *don’t be too adventurous. Jonlivia Unisex Hot Belt is also suitable to be worn during ‘that time of the month’, it will help to relieve cramps.


Jonlivia has been in the industry for about 2 years, Jonlivia specializes in Active Lifestyle Wear. Their fitness attires are made high quality neoprene. Jonlivia Hot Pants are even suitable to be worn when you are not working out, and can actually help you lose weight by just wearing them. I only got the Hotbeltfrom Jonlivia but I am pretty excited to try out their pants, guess I am going to be a very loyal customer.J Get your  Unisex Hot Belt here

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