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Monthly Exclusive Invites [OCTOBER] test

Monthly Exclusive Invites [OCTOBER] test

For the month of October, you'll get to enjoy AWESOME benefits just worth a few dozen times of what you paid for! Sign up now and enjoy upcoming benefits that you won't regret!  

    *T&C Applied

    1. This Exclusive Invite is different from the previous (3 months) Exclusive Invites. 

    2. You need to sign up again once the month is over for the next Exclusive Invites.

    3. Each monthly Exclusive Invites have different benefits.

    4. You are eligible for the benefits until the month is over. Eg: If you sign up on the 30th of October, you can still claim the benefits until 31st October 11.59pm. 

    5. Benefits are limited to a maximum of one (1) "Jonlivia's Exclusive Invites" per account. (Additional purchases of Jonlivia's Exclusive Invites will become void and non-refundable) 

    6. The discount can only be used once per account. (Discount code is valid until the end of the month) 

    7. The free gift may not be the same product as the one you purchased.

    8. Jonlivia has the right to modify these terms at any given time. 

    9. Only applicable on Facebook and on our website. (Can't be used at our SS2 outlet) 

    RM1.01 MYR RM300.00 MYR

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