Daily Diva Shaper
RM 150.00
Express OrderPre-Order 25

Express Order vs. Pre-Order 25 

Express orderuses our next working day delivery policy, whereby products are shipped out immediately from our warehouse. Typically within 24 hours to reach your door step as soon as we can. 

Pre-orderitems are typically cost and priced lower as we do not need to stock up in our warehouse before making it available at store. Thus, the price are significantly lower than that of express order and require customer to wait. In this case, Pre-ordered Daily Diva will be shipped out 25 days after purchase. 

Which Order Type Should I Choose? 

For value purchase, and customers are not in a rush, we suggest customer to take the Pre-order options which we can ship out immediately in 25 days after you have made your order. 

If you're most likely to be anxious and excited about your item, pick Express Order instead to save the waiting time. 

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Weight: 0.115 (kg)


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