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BlazePants Powerflage

RM 230.00 RM 199.00

Blaze the calories faster, also built With UPF50%, coupled with striking camouflage design.




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Build strength and core power while you make a statement with the Powerflage. Sweat it out in a style that’s perfect for urban workout settings or a rough and tumble jungle trek, with all the benefits of our Neoheat technology.

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Weight 0.42 kg


1 - 5
Good quality

I just got this pants last week and have been using it during workouts. So far the best pants I have ever worn. Good quality and fast shipping.

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1. What's the reason behind Jonlivia® unique fabric that allows it to burn calories?
Built in with our Neoheat Technology, Jonlivia Blazepants increases your temperature when you wear them, the rise in temperature in turn helps to burn more calories at a faster rate as compared to any ordinary sports apparel.

2. How long do I need to wear Jonlivia's Product to see the result of the weight loss?
There are many factors that come into play when we talk about results. Factors such as the wearer's normal metabolism rate, frequency of exercises and body composition in terms of fats and water may effect the outcome of the results. On average, most customers lose 1 to 2 inches off their waist as soon as one week of wearing our product, while others shred off 5 inches in less than two months. The results may vary according to different wearers. For more real reviews, check out here

3. What's your material like?
Our Blazepants are made out of only the best graded Neoheat Fabric, they are probably the softest and most stretchable pair of blazepants you will ever see in the market. Our design team has also crafted a pair of blazepants that are not solely focused on calorie-burning but is also firm and sturdy with flat-lock seams which greatly improves durability. To top it off, we also added a layer of Coolventi panels on the inner thigh region to keep our users' skin ventilated even as you sweat.

4. Where can I best wear them?
You can wear them while you are doing your jogs, squats, lunges and even stretches to maximize the calorie burning effect throughout your entire body. :)

5. Can I wear them without doing exercises?
Yes you can, they were created to help you burn calories even without exercise. However, results are achieved faster when carrying out exercises.

6. How long should I be wearing them in a day?
For starters, try them on for maximum of 2 hours a day. As your body adapts to the heat, then you can slowly increase the duration to 4 to 5 hours a day.

7. I'm pregnant, can I wear it?
Sorry, we do not recommend pregnant users to use any of our NeoHeat products during the entire course of their pregnancy. However, feel free to try them 30 days after your delivery.

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