JONLIVIA® - BlazeTee Neo40

Features & Benefits

Neo 40 Fabric

Raises your body temperature to 40 degrees celsius naturally.

Extra Lightweight

As light as a feather, the BlazeTee Neo 40 ensures maximum ventilation and comfort.

Stretch all you want. Made from Flex-Easy Technology, ensuring enhanced flexibility and durability.

Enhanced Athleticism Fitting

Helps to improve your enclothed cognition. Your workouts will feel like an athlete doing their routine so you can achieve top performance like them.

Targeted Burning

Cleverly designed to target specific body parts (Tummy, back, waist, arms).

Now Comes In TWO (2) Different Colours!

Energetic Red & Elegant Black


Q: What's so HOT about Jonlivia's BlazeTee Neo40?

A: The BlazeTee Neo40 is a high-performance shirt that enhances and accelerates the user's ability to blaze away calories by up to 5X.

Q: What's the secret behind the BlazeTee Neo40?

A: The secret to the effectiveness comes mainly from Jonlivia's Neo40 Technology, an upgraded version of their well known NeoHeat Technology.

Q: What does the 40 represent?

A: 40°C is the optimal temperature for maximizing calorie burning! Research has shown that exercising in the heat at (40°C) increases muscle glycogen oxidation and reduces whole-body fat oxidation.

Q: Why the colour RED?

A: There are many representations about the colour red such as confidence, passion & energy. When combined with our BlazeTee, it represents all of these things. An activewear that helps boost your self-esteem by achieving your dream body 5X more efficiently.

Customers Reviews

"I was a bit skeptical at first when ordering Jonlivia's BlazeTee Neo40 (Elegant Black). However, once I tried it on it felt amazing & I've never sweat so much during my workouts. I am definately looking forward to the new colour and highly suggest that people try it for themselves."

Hui Min L.

"I have always been ashamed about my weight and often just stay at home where noone can judge me. That was until I started losing weight and decided changed my life around by getting the BlazeTee Neo40. It is because of this product that I am able to embrace my body."

Sheryl C.

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Energetic Red

Elegant Black