BlazeTee Neo40°C

The Perfect Temperature

What is the Best Temperature(°C) for Calorie Burning?
JONLIVIA NEO40 is the Answer.

40°C is the optimal temperature for maximizing calorie burning!

Research has shown that exercising in the heat at (40°C) increases muscle glycogen oxidation and reduces whole-body fat oxidation. 

There's no better way to heat up your body to 40°C than by wearing our brand new BlazeTee, enhanced by Neo40 Technology! It's not magic, it's craftsmanship designed to make your RETURN on investment of TIME into working out worth more for YOU.

Fats on Fire, Only at 40°C

What's the Secret Behind the BlazeTee Neo40?

Neo 40 Fabric

Raises your body temperature to 40 degrees celsius naturally.

Extra Lightweight

As light as a feather, the BlazeTee Neo 40 ensures maximum ventilation and comfort.

Stretch all you want. Made from Flex-Easy Technology, ensuring enhanced flexibility and durability.

Enhanced Athleticism Fitting

Helps to improve your enclothed cognition. Your workout will feels like an athlete doing their routine so you can achieve top performance like them.

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