Our Journey

What’s behind a name? Everything. Founder Jon uses his name to represent the Jonlivia brand because it stands for his conviction in the brand. After years of hard graft and invaluable lessons in life and business, he is committed to only delivering the best products to you. From 2 to 20 – that’s how big the Jonlivia team has grown since 2015, as we continue upholding our quality with passion and integrity.

The Workings Behind Our Products

We’re proud of the products we make. It’s reflected in everything from its construction to its design, and how it makes you look and feel. Our BlazePants series is one of our most successful products – built with the highest Neoprene grade material, laser cut to precision and meticulously pieced together for a fit that’s comfortable and durable. We also developed Neoheat technology, which we achieved through smart layering and engineering of materials that feels good to the touch but heats your core temperature to make you sweat and achieve your fitness goals.