Once which used to be limited only to the confine at gym or home usage, sport attire such as Jonliva has now been innovatively evolved to blend into the hectic schedule and in order to suit the busy folks of the world nowadays. Not only can it be comfortably worn during your workout session in a room, but it can also be stylishly clad on even during our casual hang outs, be it running errands or merely just some cozy stroll with your loved ones.

And for this reason, I have personally given JONLIVIA™ WOMEN COMPRESSION PANTS a try, and slowly find myself liking it more and more.

Before getting to know Jonlivia Compression Pants, I have always shun away from these sports wears, worrying that they would  cause me some discomfort for being overly tight or less soft material. However, things took a turn when I finally gave it a try and to my surprise, Jonlivia pants is so easy to wear, effortlessly slide up and throughout the day, I felt pleasantly firmed up to my best figure, allowing me to humbly flaunt my silhouette (=

The ethereal experience must have owed it to these thoughtful attributes of the inhouse special design.

  • Breathable comfort
  • Reduce muscle vibration
  • Flat seams move smoothly against your skin
  • Zipper Pocket at the back of pants

The compression pants are dandily comfortable, with rapid absorption of water vapour, aptly adjust body temperature and humidity, making sweating a more conducive one, while having a fast-drying fabric that is sufficient as well as fully circulated. Besides that, it comes with exquisite sewing where meticulosity is emphasized that allows comfortable leg opening, close fitting but yet comfortable with strong sutures and it is durable.
The elasticity stretch is designed according to proportion of women’s body to have a close fitting clipping, which can cover abdomen but yet the lower abdomen doesn’t feel tight but showing perfect body contour at the same time.
Suffice to put it, Jonlivia™ Women Compression Pants are definitely efficient, thorough, lasting and well-tuned for performance! And I shall have it as my perfect travel companion, be it oversea or local getaway such as exploring the latest culinary expansion at Sky Avenue.
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