Jonlivia S+ Hotpants Review

I have never owned a hotpants before and was excited to receive the Jonlivia S+ hotpants (5th Generation, Batch 9) for review. S+ stands for Sweat+, Stretch+, Slim+ and Soft+. I have always wanted to lose weight since I had children and I know Jonlivia S+ hotpants can help. This is because it makes me sweat more and burns more fat. It is stretchable, soft and comfortable. Jonlivia hotpants is made in Taiwan. The material is 85% neoprene & 15% nylon and it is breathable hotpants. It is suitable for all kinds of activities such as jogging, cycling, yoga, badminton and other exercises.

Jonlivia hotpants has 4 layers, it has double waist level and can be pulled up to tummy level.
I started wearing it for 1-2 hours, then increased to 4-5 hours. If your body permits, you can wear up to 9 hours. Wearing the Jonlivia S+ not only increase the amount of sweat, it promotes body detoxification too.

It has stronger waistband, stronger side stitches and wide back stitches. It is very flexible and the best part is it comes with a back pocket zipper. The quality is very good and I would definitely recommend this. It also looks fashionable even if you want to go shopping wearing it.

You can hand wash it or washing machine cold wash only. Do not tumble dry, do not iron, do not bleach and do not dry clean.

Thanks to Jonlivia for this great hotpants. If you want to find out more about Jonlivia, please visit their Facebook or website
You can purchase your Jonlivia hotpants online.


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