Did i get your attention yet?? 😅😅

Haha… I am sure I did because Jonlivia did not only caught my attention but Jonlivia has also become my best friend since it’s arrival via courier service.

Jonlivia™ Hotpants S+

Comes with a guide as well

Jonlivia S+ Batch 9 Full Length Hot Pants

S+ means for extra softness, stretch-ability, slimming and sweating features.

The hot pants are made in Taiwan and its material consists of 85% genuine Neoprene and 15% Nylon. At the side, Jonlivia also added a stripe of breathable fabric for ventilation and to cool the body.


I personally have sensitive skin, thus fabric is very important to me to avoid irritation and be comfortable all day. I was worried if Jonlivia Hot Pants will cause me discomfort but after to my surprise, it was not only comfortable, it is very stretchable as well. Conclusion = Good fabric! 👍👍👍

After Chinese New Year and Valentines celebration, it is definitely a NEED to workout and some help from Jonlivia Hot Pants to burn away the fats i accumulated.

I dont normally do this around my neighbourhood but Jonlivia Hot Pants made me look good and fit.

Why not show off a little?😎 haha.. Just kidding…

Anyway, yes, i tried many positions with the Jonlivia Hot Pants on and it did not disappoint me at all..

Here i go….

If you are the type who listens to music when you workout, no worry. There is a small pocket at the back for your convenience to bring your personal belongings along with you while working out outdoors. So, yeah… Totally an ideal Hot Pants to have……

Back Pocket

So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a Jonlivia Hot Pants now!!


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Instagram : @jonlivia


Hope you girls achieve your dream body soon… Good Luck ~xoxo~


Lots of Love 💗💗💗,



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