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Hi guys!!! I’m back at it again with another review LOL. First and foremost, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Jonlivia for offering their signature product ie. Their Long Active Hotpants. Before I go in depth on this, lemme take you a glance through of the brand itself. Jonlivia emphasises on 3 key items ie. ‘Style, Performance and You’. Jonlivia believes that what is more important in activewear is that the experience that one feels from the inside and out. Is not just about weight management and shedding the extra pounds instead, is more about what you feel internally and of course, everyone deserves to look fabulously awesome in any outfit that they chose to present themselves in which, this is the whole point of fashion.


Jonlivia has been 3 years in the active lifestyle wear market in Malaysia. They have transformed and innovate tremendously from they first started to their current proposition. Their vision is to transform the brand to be the leader in healthy lifestyle wear by driving the style innovation experience to their customers.

What differentiates them to other sportswear brand is the promises that the product offers are indeed deliverable.

1. 100% genuine Neoprene made

The underlying reason on why Hotpants work so well is due to its material that makes it, which is called Neoprene. In other words, ‘Heatprene’ where this piece of material helps to control body heat when one is moving. Consequently, causes the person to burn even more calories and getting rid of the excess water retained in one’s body. Also, it allows the wearer to burn and sweat where those sweat will then reabsorbed into the pants itself. Fyi, this super absorbent feature is the first airy fabric built-in in Malaysia.


2. Superb design

What I really love about this hotpants is the design. It’s high-waist where it covers my tummy. This is rather essential as I am a very self-conscious person. I do not want my belly to look ugly and flabby or jiggling when I’m running or attending any of my fitness classes. I want it to be all covered and tucked in which also helps to shape and define my tummy.


3. When sportswear comes in handy

The title says it all. Imagine you are at the gym doing your workout or at the park for a run, you just need this little tiny whiny space or pocket in storing your key, cash or identity/gym membership card. Fret not now! The latest hotpants is equipped with an inner pocket where you can now put away your personal valuables at a safe place and not to be worried about dropping it (the pocket is inside of the pants at the RHS of the waistband).

On top of this incredible hotpants, Jonlivia also sent me their Slimming Shirt Shaper. It actually comes in 2 colours ie. Nude and black. I was hoping to receive the nude one so that it ain’t that obvious when I wear underneath my evening/cocktail dresses. Unfortunately, I received the black one instead.

Initially, I was quite sceptical on how should I wear it since most of my dresses are quite revealing in terms of the colour.  However, I managed to figure it out hehehe.


I guess many of you might wonder does a slimming shaper really work? I can’t provide a solid comment for now as I yet to have the time to really try it on and gauge/monitor the outcome. Anyway, there are a few information out there posted by Jonlivia on its official website which, I would like to point out.

1.Enhances upper body shape

One of its function is of course, to enhance your upper body shape. You need that curves girl! This will be really helpful when you put on a really tight fitting dress. Trust me, you do want to look defined and trimmed when putting on your dress.

2.Slimming effect

I believe that every girl do not wish for their belly fats to be that obvious even when one puts a top on. This will be kinda unpleasant . Idk about you, but I do think so. This bad boy claims to reduce or slim down one’s belly fat. This is rather interesting. I was like, ‘seriouslyyyy???!!! As I have plenty of fats at my abdomen for it to burn (if it does work)’. Hence, I can now put the Slimming Shirt Shaper in extra good use without exerting any effort.

3. When inner wear turns out to be part of your #ootd/n

Pinterest gave me a really amazing idea! Really! If one can’t use it as an inner wear, by all means turn it into a top instead. The design of this Slimming Shirt Shaper is not like an obvious innerwear or so. It actually can be used to match your skirt or pants and this will expand your wardrobe options. Personally, I felt really classy and confident when I put that on as my top in order to match with my new black slit skirt from MDS. It did make me felt like a diva queen and I feel like this combination is a perfect outfit for parties/dinner dates.



I think that’s gonna be it! Thank you so much for reading and dropping by. Seriously, I appreciate and love every viewers of mine. A little update on my life, I have been really busy with work. My confirmation date for my full time job is approaching hence, I need to perform my deliverables besides juggling my passion being a part time blogger/influencer. Feeling quite stressful and busy atm, really hope that this season will pass *fingers crossed*. I’m really sorry for turning this into a ranting scene but yeah, things have not turned out quite well for me recently. On a side note, we are now in the midst of 2017. How time flies! I hope each and everyone of you are doing good in life. Till then…cheers!





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