Jonlivia Phiro Back Support

Experts warned that there are growing numbers of children are developing irreversible back deformities because of the weight of the bag they carry to school. Half of the children suffer back pain by the age of 14 and doctors are reporting a rise in cases of spinal abnormalities in pupils, including disfiguring curvatures known as scoliosis. Overloaded school bags, that are up to double the size are contributing to the surge. Mommy Jane was worried on the trend too and always keep an eye to find the solutions so that heavy bag did not cause problems for my Little Angels’ health when they are older. Mommy Jane recently came across a new innovation by Jonlivia which will overcome this problem i.e. Jonlivia Phiro Back Support.

Confidence comes from a better posture with Jonlivia Phiro. Jonlivia created and designed stylish high performance wear to ensure that we are always look, feel and performed at our best. There are few functions of Phiro Back Support that I would like to share to all of you here. The first is, Phiro Back Support will helps to correct poor posture. Whenever my Little Angels sit down to do their homework, their body bends a bit but after wearing the Phiro Back Support, it improves their sitting posture.

Jonlivia Phiro Back Support pulls back the Shoulders, Straightens Neck and Aligns Spine (as photo above). If my Little Angels sit on a chair and doing homework or revision for unending hours, their posture might need some help in its proper maintenance. Sitting on a chair might put a strain on their spine and it might lead to hunch back. With Jonlivia Phiro Back Support that they can use daily, it will hooked up to their back and provide them with the perfect posture.

With Jonlivia Phiro Back Support, my Little Angels also able to walk and stand like a model and gain confidence with the correct posture. It can correct scoliosis and other malformed spinal curvatures. It will also relieve the posture related back pains, shoulder pains and headaches.

Jonlivia Phiro Back Support is specially for those who is having curved spine, hunchback, sciatica, osteoporotic fractures, spinal deformation, muscles fatique and myopia. It is suitable for children, adult and old generation.

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Wearing Jonlivia Phiro Back Support is very easy. There are only 6 steps to wear it out. I had done the video above together with the steps by steps on how to wear it. My Little Angel, WH had became the model and the voice was by Mommy Jane. After watching the video, I’m sure all of you will find it easy and even our children able to wear it by themselves without any helps. Anyway, I will just put down the steps here for you to understand it more:-

Step 1 – Put on Jonlivia Phiro 
Step 2 – Extend the wide waist band and pull down below waist and Step 3 – Attach the wide waist band  


Step 4 – Extend the smaller adjuster
Step 5 – Pull until suitable tightness and attach the smaller adjuster
Step 6 – Done. Yeah…

Jonlivia Phiro Back Support was retail at RM280.00 but they are having promotion now at RM199.00 for a limited time only. Do make your purchase HERE. For more information and details, do log on to their website at and their facebook page at

My Little Angels had wore the Jonlivia Phiro Back Support daily for 2 weeks now and Mommy Jane loves the effects after wearing it. Mommy Jane and Daddy also wore it too and it improve our sitting and standing position. It helps us to adjust our spinal cord to prevent hunchbacked. It looks stylish and we can wear it anytime and anywhere to improve our posture. Prevention better than cure. Jonlivia Phiro Back Support will helps to straighten the spine of our children as they grows.



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