Slouching is always what we do – when sitting and walking. You and I know that is wrong posture that will effect our bone, isn’t it? My parents always nag me on my body posture because I always slouching when I walk or stand or sit. Knowing what will happen to my body posture, it does freak me out! But worries no more, as I have already found one solution for our body posture which is Jonlivia Phiro Back Support!

Pssstt, while I’m writing this, I am currently wearing it because it feel super good!

Before I start let me tell you briefly what is Jonlivia.

Jonlivia is a company where they design a stylish high performance wear for their purpose is to live a healthy lifestyle which people can enjoy wearing whenever and wherever you are in stylish way.

phiro jacket

What does Phiro Back Support Offer To You?

  • Correct our body posture
  • Train your body to keep your shoulders back
  • It helps in correcting scoliosis and other malformed spinal curvatures
  • Relieve posture related to back pains, shoulder pains, and headaches
  • Slay on your walk and be confident when you get your right posture!
Here is step by step on how to wear Back Phiro Support! *Oh, here is my sister helping me to show you on how to wear Phiro Back Support?*
phiro 4
Pull the bigger band and stick it around your waist.
phiro 3
Here is how it look when you have pull the band and stick it.
phiro 2
Next, pull the long band pull it behind your band and insert it through the hole attach at the jacket *but I don’t have that small hole to insert the band tsk tsk I don’t know why!*
phiro `
This is how it looks like from the back. You are done!

Anyway, let me share with you, my own experience wearing Phiro Back support.

First time, when I try to wear the jacket (I call it jacket, easy that way) it feel weird having it on my body but as time goes by I got used to it though it did make my waist feel a bit pain but that is that. For me, what is more important when I wear Phiro Back Support which is almost a week since I received it, it did help me in reminding not to slouch my body and to walk straight and be confident. It works on me perfectly even my sister and my mom enjoy wearing it around the house.



Finally, thank you Jonlivia for this wonderful back support gift! Grab yours now at Jonlivia ?


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