Jonlivia – body perfecting fashion

Body perfecting fashion…
Jonlivia Hotpants S+,
The 4th Generation
The best ever hotpants!~
Trying out Batch 9 – Full Length…
1st 100% genuine Hotpants,
1st Greylining design!~

Jonlivia S+,
If you’re wondering what’s the S+:



It includes built in Jonlivia airy fabric,
Which allows wearers to,
Not only sweat more and burn more
Because of the 100% genuine neoprene,
But also discharge toxic and waste,
By the body after massive sweating…

Sweat a lot?
3-4 times more wor….
Will it be smelly?
The answer is:
Not smelly at all!~
Jonlivia comes with breathable air fabric.
To reduce bacterial growth…

It’s recommended to wear,
Up to 4-5 hours…
Yet if body permits,
Some can wear up to 9 hours…
I start wearing for 1-2 hours,
Let my body adapt to the hotpants..
And slowly increase the duration of wearing it…
Wearing fat-burning Jonlivia S+ Hotpants,
Will increase the amount of sweat,
Promote body detoxification…

This is the best part….
It comes with a pocket behind…
So convenience and never need to worry!
To put in either handphone or keys,
When I’m out to exercise…

Truly amazed,
By their fabric technology…
It’s 100% genuine Neoprene…
Which is highly flexible,
And extremely stretchable…
Super comfortable.
And fit perfectly to body shape…
It comes with stronger waistband,
Stronger side stiches,
Wide back stiches…
It is stronger 5/7 stitching…
It has extra layer of strap on hips..
Deepest squat approved!~
Suitable to wear for all kind of activities,
Including cycling, jogging etc…
So comfortable!!!

Caring instruction:
Cold wash only,
Cannot tumble dry + do not bleach
It is dry cleanable and spot cleanable…
I’m using hand wash,
But machine wash cold is allowed, too!
Can use medium iron…
But I don’t see the need to iron the hotpants…
It looks nice as it is after wash…

First time wearing hotpants…
Let’s see how much I’ll slim down…
After a period of time…

To be honest,
I never really slim down,
After delivering 3 kiddos…

Now it’s a total great news for me,
Isn’t it?
Slimming down,
Is just as easy as,
Wearing comfortable hotpants!
Can twist it anyway I like it!~
Super comfy!

Thank you Jonlivia,
For such a wonderful product…

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