FITNESS: Arm and Waist Toning with Jonlivia ActivTee


Let’s just admit it, upper body workout is my least favorite part of the workout.
All sorts of core workout kill me.
Yet, belly is the hardest part to lose weight, at the same time it is the most obvious part always first to show whenever I put on weight.

Until lately, I discovered that I can achieve more with a little help from Jonlivia ActivTee.
The concept is pretty simple and similar to the Jonlivia Hotpants that I have, just put it on during your workout session, and you can sweat more than usual, sweating more will help to shape up a little faster!

Jonlivia ActivTee


Before receive this product, I thought the material is exactly like their hot pants whereby the NeoHeat Technology sew throughout the whole shirt, I even wonder will it make my boobs shrink? Will I get too stuffy and pass out during workout? LOL

Anyway, I immediately check out the product once it arrived at my doorstep, by then I was very curious to find out answer for my questions already.


As seen in the picture, NeoHeat Technology is only at arm, waistline, and back. So definitely not shrinking boobs when wearing this. 😆


As usual, the product quality is undoubtedly good, the cutting of the shirt already gives a slimming effect the moment you put it on. The length of the shirt is just nice, neither cumbrously long nor awkwardly short.

Sweat 3 Times More!

I did not pair it with my Jonlivia Hot Pants because I afraid that I might really pass out during workout.

The material is very stretchable. Unlike the usual loosely fit jersey top that I normally wear, Jonlivia ActivTee fit slightly tighter at waistline, so now I can do all the jumping sets without worrying that my sport bra might be exposed. The struggle is real.

Best of all, a back pocket!

Jonlivia Christmas Big Gift

Jonlivia is running a Christmas promo at the moment, get free gift worth RM100 when you with every RM199.90 spent!
Definitely a good way to start working harder and get fitter in 2018!
Get Jonlivia ActivTee here or check out their Christmas promo right here.
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