I just don’t seem to care for any other part of my body as much as my face because something doesn’t seem so right with my abdomen area lately. It has bulged so much! Now I’m just waiting to see who’s the first to ask me if I’m pregnant (you have been warned ?). I’m seriously so jealous of those of you who don’t grow that little belly no matter how much you eat LOL! To save the day, I’ve decided to hit the gym every day but another dilemma surfaces: I don’t have the proper clothing for gym. Luckily Jonlivia came to my rescue (so who’s saving the day now HAHA).

That’s the logo (this is a reflection in the mirror).
The name may seem long yet it is surprisingly easy to remember for me. But I was more shocked when I found out the name is actually a combination of Jon and Olivia, who are the founders of Jonlivia (see it see it?). Both of them came up with Jonlivia due to their shared passion in living an active lifestyle and that totally benefits the rest of us! Looking at the logo, did you spot an animal hidden in it? Yes, it is a squirrel! It was chosen as an icon of the brand as it represents speed, wit and performance. Now Jonlivia just looks much much cooler to me haha!
I have a problematic knee (long story) and it didn’t hurt even after I walked for almost 30 minutes. That’s considered a miracle.
Okay, so now on to the pants itself. When I did a research to understand what compression pants are, I realised that they are not only good for sports but also useful in providing support for people who have to stand for long periods or have poor circulation. Medically, it can help prevent deep vein thrombosis (blood clot in vein, common in the lower leg and thigh) and reduce swelling, especially when travelling for long hours on planes. Whereas in sports, they help prevent chafing and rashes.
I wore it to a morning walk. I love how it wrapped around my legs and provided me with the support I needed!
I did a small run to test it out. Not only it didn’t affect my movement, it also didn’t rub against my skin like any other loose fitting sportswear would. I love that it felt breathable as well even though I was wearing long pants and walking under the morning sun. I think this is what Jonlivia is trying to achieve with its sportswear, other than being fashionable and stylish (see below), it is also efficient and performance is definitely one of the important points they focus on.
I matched it with a fishnet shirt because of its stitching net yarn design. That’s also why it’s so breathable.
After wearing the pants to a walk, the first thing I did after coming home was of course to wash it. I hand washed mine because I didn’t want to destroy the elasticity (it is 87% nylon and 13% spandex) and I was so happy to find out that it is didn’t pill! Thank goodness! It also dries up much quicker than I expected for its material so I could wear it to the garden the next day again for another morning walk. Or maybe I should just get myself one more pair haha!
I love how slim it made me look when wearing it.
One thing about most sportswear is that most of them aren’t suitable for any other activity/event other than sports. But this doesn’t fall into that category. Its skinny leg opening cutting and the stretchable high waist give it a stylish touch, making it more than just a pair of compression pants for sports. I could easily style mine with various types of outfit which I wore to many different occasions such as meeting up with my girlfriends and having dinner with my parents. For the outfit above and below, I even lined my eyes more heavily than usual to give it an edgy look haha!
You can either wear a faux leather jacket like normal or have it tied around the waist to make you look even slimmer.
Up close on the skinny leg opening. Made in Taiwan, its quality is impeccable.
Its colour enables me to match it with many other colours effortless.
You can match it when any button-down shirt and you’re ready for your afternoon date!
It’s so bright it looks like the pants have LED light installed on them!
After showing you so many pictures of the pants, you must have seen the white/silver stripes on the sides. Those are actually reflective stripes, which reflect light when they are shined on (picture above). This makes the compression pants perfect for night run, and this is exactly what the pants are also designed for. For those of you who love to run at night, this will make your run much safer as the road users will be able to see you better when their headlights reflect off the pants. I’m up for anything that helps protect my life!

Even the brand name Jonlivia lit up!
As much as I’d love to, I don’t actually exercise much, not until lately. I’ve been lazing at home and dreaming of getting abs one day but never actually put in action. Now I’ve decided to be more active, and man, it’s really easy to get addicted to exercising! All you have to do is just start and stop giving excuses. So, don’t hesitate anymore! Just go grab one pair of the compression pants, or even their hot pants if you want to sweat more. Go get active and become healthier!
Sometimes by buying a good pair of pants will motivate you to exercise:
Jonlivia – RM99 (Sale)
If you subscribe to them, you can get 15% off your first purchase. Make sure you don’t miss out the deal!
Thank you for reading, see you in the next post!
The product was sent to me for review purposes by Jonlivia. Check out their website on https://www.jonlivia.com. As usual, the review is 100% my personal opinion of the product after personally trying it out. All portraits were taken by my mom (thanks mummy!) whereas closeups were taken by me. Please make sure you consult whoever is selling you the product if you’re not sure what size you should get.

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