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shafa.muzaffar “Morning ❤️ ActivTee Plus by @jonlivia memang superb 👍🏻 Comfort untuk korang yang sukakan aktiviti bersukan, jogging, yoga, gym dan aktiviti lasak yang lain ❤️😍 coz ia menggunakan Neo Technology yang mana 3KALI GANDA lebih cepat membuang kalori, takperlu nak diet dah kalau ada 1set Jonlivia nii tau !! sambil2 tu boleh bergaya uolls !💋 Check it out at @jonlivia and boleh jgk purchase dekat website www.jonlivia.com”


michelleleongkk “These blazepants by @jonlivia made me sweat buckets – check out the seams of my pants! 😂 The neo heat technology burns calories 4x faster too. Can’t wait to shred off these flabs!”


sitifayrusi “love this pants so much ! very comfortable and flexible, it makes me sweat more than usual during my exercise ! 😍”


farahzulaikha “Still feel warm and burn calories even though im chilling out ✨ . .
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jessicatan2511 “Double the boost, double the effectiveness. D’s two fave things in the gym, me (duh) and Sweating Pants from @jonlivia


itscarmenhong “Functional active wear is when your sports wear have dual purpose like this @jonlivia‘s BlazeTee shirt which has the NeoHeat technology to help burn fats faster as you work out. I found myself sweating more than usual. Bye bye fats!”


liahasty “I’m fall in love ❤ with Jonlivia Active Hotpants S5+👖Mempunyai 4 lapisan & membantu untuk mengawal haba, membakar lemak dan kalori..”


merrie_22 “收小腹瘦大腿😱只能说这运动热裤和瘦腰带真的太给力了👍”


kym0303 “A healthy lifestyle not only change your body, it change your mind, your attitude and your mood. I’m in love with this @jonliviahot pants, I never know that I can sweat as much as like this 🤣”