Unisex Physio Braces – Jonlivia

No. 1 Active Apparel Brand That REALLY Helps To Lose Weight

Unisex Physio Braces

Unisex Physio Braces

RM120.00 MYR RM130.00 MYR



1. Make you a elegant beauty no matter you are walking or standing  

2. Helps to Correct Poor Posture

3. Helps to Train Your Body to Keep Your Shoulders Back

4. Helps to Correct Scoliosis and other Malformed Spinal Curvatures

5. Helps to Relieve Posture Related Back Pains, Shoulder Pains,and  Headaches

6. Walk like a model and gain confidence as soon as you put the posture corrector on

7. Pulls back the shoulders, straightens neck & aligns spine




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