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BlazeBooster Neo40
BlazeBooster Neo40
BlazeBooster Neo40

BlazeBooster Neo40

Slimming, tonning and reshaping. 

The BlazeBooster is a must have item if you're serious about burning calories! Made from a combination of seaweed extract, black pepper extract & grapefruit extract, it brings many added properties other than slimming, tonning and reshaping such as:
  • Removing harmful toxins
  • Improving blood circulation

(Only for external usage, DO NOT CONSUME)

Weight: 0.092 (kg)
Returns: Non-exchangeable once used 

FREE SHIPPING (Peninsular)

1) Spray 2-3 times, directly on the area you want to burn calories in. 
2) Rub the spray to spread it evenly across the targeted area.
3) Start exercising and burn off those unwanted fats!

RM99.00 MYR RM129.00 MYR

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