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No. 1 Activewear That Helps To Lose Weight

Woman Long Sleeve ActivTee Plus

Woman Long Sleeve ActivTee Plus

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Ask not what you can do for your body, ask what your workout shirt can do for you! Presenting the ActiveTee Plus; constructed with NeoHeat Technology material designed to burn fats 4 times faster even with your regular workout. Want Abs? Say no more, as the ActivTee Plus snugly wraps itself around your love handles and work its magic.

The ActivTee Plus comes with an all-new CoolVenti Technology, created to release heat intermittently as you work out so you can climb over your wall and find new limits throughout every session.

Need your phone with you at all times? With the arm pocket, your essentials can be stylishly placed without it looking weird or bulky. Most importantly, it creates zero hindrance to your movements!

- NeoHeat Technology to help burn fats 4 times faster
- CoolVenti Technology ingrained to keep you cool
- Arm Pockets to store your essentials
- NeoAbs Technology to help you shape your torso
- Sizes available from XS to XL




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