Welcome to the New 2019 JONLIVIA.com

Welcome to the New 2019 JONLIVIA.com site,

In this 2019 celebration design update, you will find that we've improve ourselves in terms of:
  • NEW web design for refreshed aesthetics and online purchase experience;
  • RECONFIGURE our price permanently to INCREASE AFFORDABILITY to the mass audience on all range of our products (occurs to all products in the Blaze Collection and Activ Collection);
  • To make navigation and product discovery easier, we introduce PRODUCT FILTERING system, RENAME and CATEGORIZE our products accordingly in a more hierarchical way (occurs to all products in the Blaze Collection);
Popular Products that are renamed:
Blazepants Kuro is now available In-Stock and grouped as one of the 3 variants under Blaze Pants
Blazepants Brightening is now available as Blaze Pants with Rose Extract
Blazepants Powerflage is now available as Blaze Pants with Camouflage

In commitments of our pledge to provide world-class product and service quality, we have also made some big updates to our TERMS & CONDITION and PRIVACY POLICY. This is to improve our cyber security framework with our partners. And, each day we work harder to provide greater cyber protection to all of our site visitors, shoppers and online e-payment system.

Read our Terms & Condition and Privacy Policy

To make a bigger leap in the e-commerce arena, we have also amended our RETURN POLICY and SHIPPING POLICY to deliver faster and more accurate to all of our world-wide and nation-wide supporters and fans. Worry not, the shipping fee remains.

Read our Return Policy and Shipping Policy

Please feel free to roam and shop around and let us what you think about it. Last but not least, we hope you enjoy the new JONLIVIA.com design.

Thank you for your support.

The Jonlivia Team.

April 2, 2019