Meggings: 2 Ways

When Jonlivia asked if I’d like to try on a pair of ActivPants, I was hesitant at first because “no guys should be seen in a pair of leggings even though it’s sporty right?!" But come to think of it, this fat ass needs to be more serious about getting ACTIVE if he'd even want to get back in shape. So all out I went!

Unlike regular leggings for sports, Jonlivia's ActivPants is made with a unique neoprene material to trap heat so you sweat more—burn more fat. Its 4-layer ultra-stretchy construct makes it an ideal sports and lifestyle wear (perfect for my dance classes too!). On top of that, a hidden pocket isstitched inside the leggings to keep your necessities in tact while you're working for your dream body.
As to how you can style it as a fashion forward but self conscious men: 
1. Layer It!
There's nothing more awkward (or shy 😉) to have your manhood flaunting when you're out and about. Just layer a pair of shorts over it for a metrosexual, sporty look. Tip: Tone the pairing down with similar and dark colour schemes.

2. Longline Top
For a quick fix, throw on a top (it could be t-shirt or shirt) with an elongated hemline to keep the bulge to yourself while delivering a clean cut, sleek silhouette. An all-black pairing will look really good too!

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