Belly fat is the hardest fat to burn and lose than fat in your other body areas.
 Don’t you guys agree with me?

Even if I control my food intake, and exercise regularly, my belly fat is still there, and this really annoyed me. Fortunately, I have Jonlivia ?. I have been wanting to get hotpants after seeing the amazing turnout in the Taiwan star,  小甜甜, losing 35kg in 3 years!

Burning fat can be easier when I am wearing this because I can burn more fat with the same effort.

When I hit the gym, I don’t sweat easily. Even when my face is red like a tomato, my belly and legs are still dry and clean. This kind of unmotivated me to hit the gym but now I have Jonlivia ?.
With this magical pants, I can sweat 3-4 times more than usual!

BTW, here is me, warming up before I start my routine. Even when I was just warming up, I already can feel the hotpants started to work and burn my fats.

But how the hotpants actually work?

Jonlivia Active Hotpants is actually made of 100% genuine of 85% of neoprene and 15% of nylon. The Neoprene is also called as the “Heatprene” because the material can help to control our body heat while exercising, or just performing even a brisk walk and uses that to burn even more calories and excessive water retention in the body than we usually would. Besides that, it can also help in body detoxification internally! ?

Super Absorbent and Airy Fabric

Wearing this Jonlivia Active Hotpants make me feels like I am having a little sauna session going on my belly and legs. It ‘forced out’ a lot of sweat from my body but I don’t feel sticky at all when I am wearing it.

It is super absorbent, as it allows me to sweat and has those sweat reabsorbed into the pants itself.
When I took my pants off, I can see the obvious water stain on the pants and even my butt is sweating!
I was so shocked at the result that I showed the pants to my sister even though it is kind of gross la ?.

Soft and Stretchable

When I first touched the quality of this hotpants, I didn’t expect it to be so stretchable.
The quality is so thick that I don’t have to worry it will split.
I even lend it to my mom for her yoga lesson and it’s super stretchable.
We have no restriction on doing any activities/pose and it’s so comfortable that I can wear it for the whole day.

High-Rise Design

The brand new Jonlivia Hotpants S5+ has been upgraded to whole new level and you can now wear it up even until high-waist level (don’t have to worry about revealing your tummy ?).

This kind of high waist design can help to burn the tummy fats effortlessly and slimming down is never a mission impossible! Hopefully, sooner, I will be more confident, especially when I am wearing crop top ?.

Comfortable and Hygiene

Like what I have mentioned above, the Jonlivia Hotpant is made of airy fabric.
Thus, it is really breathable and hygiene.
There are no germs in the pants and I don’t get any rashes even after wearing it for more than 5 hours, which is awesome. Now I can even wear it anytime, anywhere to burn my fats ?.


Since the previous few revolutions, Jonlivia Hotpants now have the flatlock seams built
to ensure the extra durability of the hotpants.
With the wide waistband, it doesn’t only help to cover and burn our tummy, it can also
help to the elasticity of the pants lasts longer.

Inner Pocket

For the Hotpants in Batch 9, it comes with the inner pocket where you can put small items, such as cash and card. It is like a secret pocket in your pants for hiding your belongings.
Even though it can be an easy and effective way to protect and keep our stuff, there are cons that bigger items can’t be fitted in, such as my phone.

Shapes and Confident

TBH, I have a bump and flat butt. After wearing the hotpants, my bump is disappeared, but my butt is still flat ?. But I am already happy enough because at least I have a flat tummy now.
The design of this hotpants is really stylish and I can even wear this to uni/ casual outing with friends.

Jonlivia is all about bringing healthy style, and performance.
Their vision is to transform Jonlivia to be the leader in active lifestyle wear by driving the style innovation experience to their customers. And I quite like their motto, which is
“It’s about Style. It’s about Performance. It’s all about You.”
So far, I am loving it and I always wear it to workout so that I can get 3x of the result.
The pants come in a few sizes and Jonlivia even have other Activ Series, such as ActivBelt,
Arm Shaper, Hotpants with different length, sports bra and even Activ Singlet.

So that’s all for the  Jonlivia Woman ActivPants S5+ Full Length [Batch 9].
Hope you guys find it useful

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