Congratulation to JONLIVIA for the launch of the first ever skin brightening activewear.  20 contestants will be battling it out to see who will come out on top with the healthiest lifestyle in a challenge that spans over 2 months, exclusively for women called the Slimplezy Challenge.


The event specially sponsored by JONLIVIA Active Wear, one of Malaysia’s premium activewear. During the event, the models showcasing the first ever skin brightening activewear during the event.




The Slimplezy Challenge is a platform to celebrate a healthy and balanced lifestyle among urban women, who are too busy with the pressures of modern life, the challenge will culminate in a runway show where 3 final contestants will be chosen to win return tickets to an exotic Asian destination, along with premium JONLIVIA products.










Congratulation to 3 of the winners that manage complete the challenge. They manage lost few inch after the Slimplezy Challenge.
As the main sponsor, JONLIVIA also takes the opportunity to announce the arrival of the BlazePants Brightening Series: a cutting-edge athleisure apparel from the popular Neoheat Series product range.
BlazePants Brightening Series
BlazePants Brightening Series is the latest version for JONLIVIA’s 2018 that effectively breakthrough in calories blazing and skin brightening.
Sweat 4 times more and burn calories faster by wearing Skin Brightening Activewear. Is the best outfit that help to burn calories faster and effective.

The Skin Brightening Activewear combines the latest skin brightening innovation via Neoheat fabric immersed in distilled rose extracted from hundreds of organic rose petal components. It helps to release the vitamins and minerals to brighten the skin.

The fitgrip technology make your movement more flexible and fit your body well. Easy to wear and built with airy fabrics with built-in ventilation that circulates air freely. The actiwear has 50% UPF protection that work as a shield to protect our skin from harmful UV rays.


The BlazePants Brightening Series will be retailing at RM208 and available for purchase online at or from the retail outlet at Jonlivia Liftstyle Club SS2.


The new brand logo and design was recently launched on the 15th of January and is inspired by simplicity, sleekness and movement. The new product renaming and new look reflects the brand’s cutting-edge style and passion for fitness. It’s about being true to an individual style, being at the top of their game and making it work.

This was how the new tagline ‘MAKE LIFE WORK’ was born. This marks the transition from the brand’s previous look to the new look for 2018.