The fitness industry have since revolutionised activewear to functional ones which does more than provide you with the appropriate gears for work outs. What this basically mean is that there are now products which you can wear to work out— they make you look good and they also help to burn extra calories as you do your exercises. One of the pioneers in this segment is none other than JONLIVIA, which I’m sure you would have heard of their famed hot pantswhich makes you sweat a tonnes!

If you followed me on Instagram {}, you would have seen my posts wearing JONLIVIA’s BlazeTee Plus. I loved how comfortable it was when I wore it for a run, and yes, it does made me sweat more than I usually did. What is more exciting is that JONLIVIA have now launched a new product BlazePants Brightening Series, where just like their signature products it will make you sweat faster as you burn more calories!
But in addition to that, this Brightening Series go beyond fitness, because it can brighten skin via an incredible fabric technology that is immersed in distilled rose components. The rose components are extracted from hundreds of organic rose petal, which exfoliate the skin and helps release the vitamins, plus minerals too!


The BlazePants Brightening Series is also ideal for sensitive or dry skin because of its anti-oxidising properties and it comes with 50% UPF protection, that shields your skin against the sun’s harmful rays.
You can get the pants via an online purchase online through or from the retail outlet at JONLIVIA Liftstyle Club SS2. Alternatively, you can get more information from the link of the product here >>>!
The Brightening Series was recently launched in Paradigm Mall, in conjuction with the finale of the Slimplezy Challenge. The 20 contestants of the Slimplezy Challenge strutted down the runway, modelling the various activewear from JONLIVIA. 

The attendees of the event then had the opportunity to vote for our favorite participant by dropping a colored ball into numbered containers. These contestants have undergone the healthiest lifestyle challenge in a span of 2 months, where they had personal trainer coaching them on the exercises. At the event of the night, three winner was crowned in different category. For me, the ladies that night are all winners for taking up the challenge and completing them.