Seeing Clients? 5 Best Look Tips to Close Deal for Saleswomen

The mantra on closing sales is rarely simple for salesperson who loves the job. But often, you may make prospects uneasy and decrease their trust in you by how you bring yourself up. Most likely, this will affect your confidence level in subtle or subconscious. In the end, it's hard for you to get the sales when your self-esteem are in the lowest point. Get to know these five timeless tips to make sure that you get the best look to close any deal as a salesperson.

1. Stay Neat.

Whether you're at the casual or formal end of the spectrum, staying neat at all times is a must. Always do a quick mirror check in the restroom before a meeting to make sure you look presentable. It does make a difference to prospects.

2. Dress like your customer.

People trust and want to associate with people who are like themselves. With that in mind, match your attire to that of the customer. If you're meeting with a casual customer in a laid-back setting, dial down your wardrobe. If you're headed to the corner office, opt for the more formal end of the spectrum.

3. Beware of offensive odors.

Make sure you don't have any alcoholic smell, heavy perfumes, or plain old bad breath and body odor. Avoid anything that could give you a pungent scent before meeting with a prospect. I once had a sales rep call on me who smells like garlic that I couldn't focus on her presentation. That was 2 years ago, and I still remember it as if it were yesterday. Odors Effect Impression.

4. Stay fit

Looking fit is one of the ways to boost confidence from a prospect and especially yours. In all the time-constraining job, make time to work out as your routine to shed all the excess fats on the skin. Wear suitable fitness apparels like Jonlivia Blaze Pants and Blaze Tee. It helps in increasing up to 4 times the rate of all the excess fats to shred.

5. Look lean and slim

As a woman, we have all the assets to create attention and increase the rate of closing a deal. Aside from workout, additionally, wear shapewear like  Daily Diva Shaper for instant slimming. By looking like an hourglass figure will increase the prospect of trust and likable. They should be your client or close the deal soon enough.