The Making of BlazeTee Neo40

Original BlazeTee (Version 1)

After launching our BlazeTee for over a year, it was a big hit with customer that wanted to shred a few kilos off their upper body. Our state of the art NeoHeat Technology was to thank for the huge success of making all that into a reality. The majority of our customers claimed to have lost weight up to 4x faster as compared to when they were wearing regular Active T-shirt. With our BlazeTee being one of the more popular products in our store, we have collected many valuable customer feedback since the launch of the product. Thus, we decided to act upon the feedback that we've gathered over the past year to come up with a brand new BlazeTee!  


One of the first steps we took for creating the perfect BlazeTee was improving the design and quality and taking it to the next step from the previous BlazeTee. 

We asked members of our Jonlivia Community to vote on which colours they preferred and would like to see in addition to our classic Black BlazeTee. To our surprise, the majority responded with RED colour which suited the intended theme of our newly improved BlazeTee, to Blaze calories faster!

Asides for that, our team also took into account valuable customer feedback when designing the new cutting of the BlazeTee.

Here is what's improved:

  • Easier to wear (Not so tight around the armpit area)
  • More comfortable (Softer and higher performance fabric)
  • Lightweight (Lighter fabric of better quality)
  • More key burning areas (Increased calorie burning surface area)


Efficiency & Effectiveness

The next process was to determine the improved focus areas of our calorie burning sensation of a T-shirt. After collecting feedback from over 2000 customers through countless surveys and questionnaires, we've come to a conclusion that all areas are equally important! Therefore, we decided to implement our NeoHeat Technology in all of the parts shown above. 

Key Burning Areas:

  • Back Burning (A)
  • Arm Burning (B)
  • Waist Burning (C)
  • Tummy Burning (D)


40°C Key Temperature

Why 40°C? It's the optimal temperature for calorie burning!

Research has shown that exercising in the heat at (40°C) increases muscle glycogen oxidation and reduces whole-body fat oxidation. 

There's no better way to heat up your body to 40°C than by wearing our brand new BlazeTee, enhanced by Neo40 Technology! It's not magic, it's craftsmanship designed to make your RETURN on investment of TIME into working out worth more for YOU.

Check out the videos: 

BlazeTee Neo40 Features

1) Neo 40 Fabric

Raises your body temperature to 40 degrees celsius naturally.


2) Extra Lightweight

As light as a feather, the BlazeTee Neo 40 ensures maximum ventilation and comfort.

3) Flex-Easy

Stretch all you want. Made from Flex-Easy Technology, ensuring enhanced flexibility and durability.

4) Enhanced Athleticism Fitting

Helps to improve your enclothed cognition. Your workout will feels like an athlete doing their routine so you can achieve top performance like them.

[LIMITED SETS] Pre-Order Bundle Package

SET A (RM149) 
- x1 BlazeTee Neo40 
-  (RM69) x1 ActivTop Seamless Bra 
 (RM99) x1 BlazeBooster Neo40

SET B (RM288)
- x2 BlazeTee Neo40
- FREE x2 ActivTop Seamless Bra
- FREE x1 BlazeBooster Neo40 

SET C (RM288 + RM9.90)
- x3 BlazeTee Neo40
- FREE x2 ActivTop Seamless Bra
- FREE x1 BlazeBooster Neo40

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- x3 BlazeTee Neo40
- FREE x2 ActivTop Seamless Bra
- FREE x1 BlazeBooster Neo40


How To Buy?

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Step 3: Select your size (If you want a different size, please write note)
Step 4: Click "Add entire Bundle to cart"
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