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[REVIEW] Jonlivia Woman Hotpants S+

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Posted on January 04 2017

Jonlivia Hotpants Review

To welcome the new year , its time to plan our new years resolution. To some of you who might know me, you would consider myself as a fit freak, and yes, I do try to keep myself healthy and fit because with all the activities that I involve myself in, having stamina helps to make sure I have the energy to do what I love to do. I know it sounds like the perfect lifestyle, but im still not too satisfied as I haven’t managed to achieve my dream ‘bikini body’ and since I do ballet, I noticed that my core strength is a little weak. And you guessed it! My new years resolution for 2017 would be to achieve a fitter body (with abs as a bonus). HAHA. So yes, lets just see how this goes.

Presenting to your my official workout attire X Jonlivia

To compliment my 2017 goals, I decided to get my gym outfit right. Apparently thermal pants are the ‘IN’ thing right now when it comes to warming up the body while burning fat in a shorter time frame. So, in this blog post, I’ll be talking about the Jonlivia thermal heat pants to find out how effective it is. I’d also be doing you guys a favour if you’ve been eyeing on Jonlivia by writing a review on it. Enjoy~

Every parcel of Jonlivia comes nicely wrapped

Jonlivia woman hotpants S+ // Arm Bands

Every Jonlivia thermal pants are sent over in a wrapped Jonlivia zip lock bag to assure that your order arrives to you safely. As you flip the bag over, it states that theres an instagram contest going on and look, I even got a promo code of 15% off on my next purchase (Thanks Jonlivia). There are also some caring instructions listed, just to make sure that your thermal pants are in good shape to last you longer. OH and look, I got myself some thermal arm bands too. LOVE!

Some fine prints

Getting a closer look to the Jonlivia thermal pants, they claim to be the No. 1 hotpants in Malaysia, and with that statement being on the pants, I can tell that they have put tons of effort and research to provide only the best quality. It also states that its made in Taiwan, making it an ‘almost’ international brand that’s local. *cool*. And again as a reminder, the pants highly highlights that its for cold wash and not suitable to tumble dry.



Overall design

As stated on the fine prints on the pants, Jonlivia is made of high-tech fibers of 100%genuine neoprene material that is solely built and carefully engineered by Jonlivia only. That pants increases body heat while coming in contact with skin with its unique fibers and materials that produces higher compression resulting in more sweating and burning internally.

15% Polyester, 70% Neoprene, 15% Nylon

The inner layering of Jonlivia Woman Hotpants S+

Unlike normal thermal pants in the market, Jonlivia uses their own fabric called the Jonlivia Air Fabric which is an original wicking performance fabric that moves moisture away from the skin. This feature has to be one of my favourite feature as it prevents my skin from feeling sticky, making it a breathable wear for those who prefers an enhance evaporative drying rate.



Jogging in Jonlivia's HotPants

Oh you know, just planking on a sunny morning.

It doenst really matter what workout you do, as the pants are really comfortable and flexible to move around in. From cardio workouts, to body weight building, I honestly like the idea that it speeds up the process of burning fat (I feel it burn within the first 5 minutes). HAHA. Well, I don’t literally mean that it burns, but when it comes to starting my workout with cardio, I noticed that my body warms up faster than usual. Instead of an average of 15 minutes of cardio, I started sweating within the first 7 minutes!



It keeps me warm in the gym too

And yes, this burns really bad. TRUST ME! 

As a verdict, I have to say that this would be highly recommended to those who are serious about starting to workout OR to those who are looking to reduce on gym time if you’re considered yourself a busy person like me.  The design is high-waisted, and I think this beats your typical sport tights as it helps to burn fat around your tummy area too, which usually is left ignored (im guilthy). Hehe. Im also amazed to the fact that despite wearing it throughout my entire workout, I noticed that I don’t feel any sweat around my leg, but when I took the pants off, it was like my Jonlivia pants became heavier (Thanks to the sweat it has been absorvbing). HAHA. So don’t be shocked when you take off these pants, and you'll find it super wet!

I like how these pants comes with a tag too!

And i guess that’s about it for my review. The woman hotpants S+ Full Length are retailing at RM188  and are currently available from their official website at I know to some of you that it might be a little pricey, but it beats paying the gym every month if you ask me. I personally prefer investing more on appropriate gym wear that actually works! Also, if you would like to follow on their updates, be sure to follow their FB page at Thank you for reading my review, do share me your thoughts on it by leaving a comment below.


Sara xx

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