My New Favorite Sports Wear! ~ Jonlivia's Hot Pants Review

No. 1 Activewear That Helps To Lose Weight

My New Favorite Sports Wear! ~ Jonlivia's Hot Pants Review

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Posted on June 08 2017

When you have a low budget, you are your own brand's model! #CrappyBlogger

My new Fav!
I am gaining lotssss of weighttttttttt. Yup to those who have met me lately, it is not something new for you. Anyway, right after Kevinn Khoo the Founder of Protein Lab (Click on it to read the article) suggested me few things on how to lose weight and get rid of tummy, I am now all energised to start off a new section of my life.

Front view close up
Back view close up. (I love the Logo. Super Elegant <3) And that pocket though!
I am so not going to wait for a New Year to start off something as New Year Resolutions. Not this time, at least! My first step is to get Jonlivia's hot pants as sports pants and guess what? I am too addicted to it to a point where I am wearing it as a legging as well. Nobody found it at all. Some even said, "I have cool pants". Little do they know that it is HOT PANTS! LOL!

Here is why I love my hot pants so much.

  • It has 4 LAYERS!
  • No camel no matter how much I bend and stretch 
  • It has a strap at the hips part, it is double layer
  • The pants fitted me so well. From the length of the pants to the waist line. It was perfect!
  • It has double waist level 
  • It can be pulled up to tummy level.
  • No sports outfit failure as the pants looks super cool! *When I walk people's eyes are on my pants!
  • It has a pocket and it doesn't disturb when I walk as it at the back of the pants.
Front view
Back View
It is seriously super comfortable and the most IMPORTANT PART IS I AM SWEATING! Dear god thank you for introducing Jonlivia to me. I am very excited to try out their slimming shirt shaper and also body shaping underpants as my focus is to get rid of my tummyyy. You can check out their item here This hot pants that I am wearing now cost about RM188.00 and trust me that it is really worth the buy! 

Me on a casual day wearing Jonlivia's Hot pants
It is a cool pants right?

So have you tried Jonlivia's hot pants before? Do you like it like how I do or you prefer something else? Scream out loud your opinions at the comment section!!



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