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Jonlivia Air Hotpants Review ~ The Hottest Body Toning Capris

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Posted on October 17 2016

Jonlivia Air Hotpants Review ~ The Hottest Body Toning Capris

Dress for success, fitness apparel actually plays a vital role in order to reach your fitness goal effectively. Everyone wishes to look hot and sexy while fitting into these apparels. Psychologically, it allows you to gain self confidence and help you to feel comfortable throughout your workout. Furthermore, it helps to prevent possible injuries, chafing and discomfort by wearing the right one. 

Well, have you ever wonder a good pair of hot pants may help you to burn the fat and calories effectively during and after the exercise? I was extremely excited to receive a parcel recently from Jonlivia to try on their latest hot pants with the new airy feature added in. As a result, I decided to fit in  Jonlivia Air Hotpants during my Taiwan trip because it provides me a comfortable way to burn my fats and calories while enjoying the flavorful and delicious street food there! 

My OOTD at Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan with Jonlivia Air Hotpants



Jonlivia is a brand of fitness apparel which provides a series of good quality products and wants the customers to truly feel and enjoy while achieving their health and slimming goals. Jonlivia Airy Hotpants helps to accelerate the fat loss and provides 220% of fat burning effectively during the workout, physical activities or normal routines in the daily life.


The Style

I was so excited to try on it when I received the hot pants for review. The cutting was so fit  and it showed off my curvy butty and thigh due to the compression feature. Wow, it looked sexy! ☺ And surprisingly, it makes my lower part look slimmer and longer too.


The Contact

The pants are slightly high-waist and almost reach my navel. I feel insanely comfortable and supportive of my lower part of the body due to the new airy feature in it. Moreover, I enable to stretch and move around freely without the tightness and squeezing feeling due to their compression feature. It did produce some rubbing noise when I was walking, but it really made me sweat a lot and speed up the fat burning process. Thanks to its new airy feature, I don't feel any itchiness between my thigh as I have a very sensitive skin. However, there is some "space" for me to move freely too.


The Fabric

The pants texture is different from others, is kind like the "poly foam" material. It is lighter, but yet stronger than others hot pants from the market. Jonlivia states that the first layer of the fabric is made of high tech fibers and materials which accelerate the body heat while contact with our skin. The inner layer rises the body temperature and sweat while the outer layer is super absorbent to keep you dry from outside. In addition, the second compression layer provides 41 % more support for your muscle and helps to increase the blood flow and oxygenation process.


Can’t wait to have one for your workout or travelling like me? Grab one from Jonlivia and you definitely amaze with your curves in all of the mirrors!    I   I    +6011-1666 4083

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