What is Jonlivia™ Air Hotpants?

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Posted on October 17 2016

What is Jonlivia™ Air Hotpants?

Recently, I was sent a pair of long Jonlivia Air Hotpants for my review during exercise, and I must say I was pretty impressed from the first wear. Firstly some background about these pants.

Why is it called Jonlivia Air Hotpants?

The term “air” stands for airiness inside the pants. You must be wondering why it’s called as such. Jonlivia hotpants had been around for about 2 years, and through this time they had managed to make a better pair of pants meant for slimming down the waist down to the legs. Using the right materials is of utmost importance of course, to be able to let the legs sweat inside yet not make one feel hot and stuffy while wearing it.
The whole material of the pants is actually 70% Neoprene, and if you know what is neoprene, it’s actually pretty thick, and usually used for keeping in the heat in swimsuits. The Jonlivia Hot Pants is made of high-tech fibers that increases body heat while in contact with the skin. It works like compression pants but it increases sweating.The inner layers increase body temperature and sweat while its outer layer is super absorbent, so that you sweat on the inside and stay dry on the outside.

To  provide the feeling of airiness, a new kind of fabric is used that is situated right between the thigh area to provide ventilation. This thinner material is more like a compression tights type. I tried on the pants right away and was really impressed with this. The material is thick and caused me to sweat all day without doing anything, as I actually wear this to work. It is all black and look like a normal black tights underneath a tunic so no one would think it is an exercise pants. So while wearing it all day, I realised I was sweating but I don’t feel it as it is cooling and airy all the time.

I also like that it is bright green inside and black outside. so you can just see with one look if it is dirty from all the sweating. Washing it is a breeze, really easy to wash and dry.

So far, I had not only worn it daily to work, I also wear it for light cycling around the neighbourhood. It is comfortable enough and the material does not restrict my movement, as you know, with cycling you need a flexible pants to be able to move the legs easily. I love the thickness actually, coz when I fall down I don’t get cuts on my knees easily, just in case.


I also use the Jonlivia Air Hotpants when going for my runs. My next run the Diva Dash is some time away but still, I need to train for it so that I can actually run and not just walk.

Wearing the Jonlivia™ Air hotpants, I am supposed to burn 3 times more fat when working out, and even when not doing anything, I believe I am burning too from all the sweat that came out. I only have one pair but I can still wear it daily, you know why? It dries really fast, surprisingly, I wash it daily after using it and hang it out to dry and by the next day, it is totally dry.


Oh another great news for us large sized people, the pants come in large sizes up to 5XL! They have it in short and long pants too.

Please check out the website for more info!  www.jonliviahotpants.com

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To purchase this S+9 Hotpants, please click here : https://jonlivia-com.myshopify.com/collections/hotpants/products/woman-full-length-hotpants-s?variant=28581351559

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