【Product Review】JONLIVIA Phiro Back Support

Many of us was in the wrong/ poor posture, with a bad habit.
Humpbacked while we are standing, or when we are sitting.
Whether it is in the case of tired or not, we always in the poor posture.
Poor posture not only affect our external appearance beauty, make us less confidences.
Poor posture may also affect our body health, cause our lower back and neck pain.
It’s also can result in spinal and joint dysfunction as a result of muscle changes.
There are still a lots of risk may caused from poor posture.
Therefore, it is very important for us to correct our poor posture.
Recently, I had came across with this Jonlivia Phiro Back Support.

【Product Review】Jonlivia Phiro Back Support
【Product Review】Jonlivia Phiro Back Support
Jonlivia Phiro Back Support can help in :-
⤄ Correct Poor Posture
⤄ Train Body to Keep Shoulders Back
⤄ Correct Scoliosis and other Malformed Spinal Curvatures
⤄ Pulls Back the Shoulders, Straightens Neck & Aligns Spine

First impression, the material of the back support was soft touch.

【Product Review】Jonlivia Phiro Back Support

Easy to wear.
It’s really easy to attach and wear.

Put on Jonlivia Phiro.
Extend the wide waist band and attach the wide waist band.

【Product Review】Jonlivia Phiro Back Support

Extend the smaller adjuster.
Pull until suitable tightness and attach the smaller adjuster.

【Product Review】Jonlivia Phiro Back Support


【Product Review】Jonlivia Phiro Back Support
【Product Review】Jonlivia Phiro Back Support
【Product Review】Jonlivia Phiro Back Support

I feel very tired when the 1st time I wear on it.
Less than 30 minutes, I already give up.
But, after two days wearing on it, I feel more OK with it.

Ya…I wear it everyday at night.
About 30 minutes per day, it’s really can help us to “relax” and train the muscle.
And don’t worry that, with wearing this Jonlivia Phiro Back Support, it’s won’t affect our daily activities.
I wear it during my “Youtube” time, Blogging time and etc.

【Product Review】Jonlivia Phiro Back Support

After wearing this back support, it’s become a reminder for me to have a correct posture.
Remind me not to humpback when sitting or walking, especially when the time we are sitting infront of computer.

Having a correct posture, be confidence and healthy.
Jonlivia – Phiro
Suitable for Boys and Girls, it’s unisex.


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