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BlazePants Brightening Series

“Smell nice and unique”

Jonlivia’s 2018 brand new breakthrough in Calories Blazing and Skin Brightening (White Rose Technology).

BlazePants Full Length

“Weight-Losing Guaranteed”

Our undisputed best seller since 2015! Blaze calories faster and achieve your fitness goal in no time.

BlazePants Powerflage


Blaze calories faster with UPF50, coupled with camouflage design. Show the world what you are capable of.

BlazeSkirts Peyton


Unleash your personality with  built-on skirt. Blaze calories 4 times faster and achieve your dream weight.

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Slimplezy Challenge Series

Check out our community’s activity in achieving healthy lifestyle and weight loss program. Click watch more to see more of these episodes.