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BlazePants Brightening 

“For a Brighter and Fairer Skin”

World’s 1st Skin Brightening active pants. Rejuvenates your skin while Burning Calories 4x Faster. (White Rose Technology)

BlazePants Full Length

“The Classic Sweat Boosting Pants”

Jonlivia’s undisputed Best-selling pants since 2015. Fully adapted to enhance your workout experience under any condition.

BlazePants Powerflage

“Enhances Strength and Power”

Build strength and core power while you make a statement with BlazePants Powerflage. UPF 50% blocks harmful UV rays when you’re out in the sun.

BlazeSkirts Peyton

“Muslimah Friendly Choice”

Sweat it out in style with a skirt that doesn’t limit your range of motion. Maintain modesty without compromising on fitness and flexibility.

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